Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ALTO K10 vs. Micro Panda (Geely LC 1.3)

First off all, I want to blog about Maruti ALTO K10 car. Before I start this, I want to say that I'm just an ordinary person who doesn't have much knowledge on technology. I wanted to buy an ALTO car because most of my friends recommended it to me. So I have visited the showroom located in Borella. When I was entering the building I saw the new K10 car and straightaway I headed to that direction. The car is nice and I wanted to see its options which left me disappointed.

When I was seated on the driving seat (after seat adjustment) I found that there is not enough space at the back seat and front (Knee space). Basically the sales person told me the car comes with full options. But when I inspected the side mirrors it came only manual adjustment levers; only the front doors are supported with power-shutter facility; no radio; driver's seat is really small; and, 1000CC Engine.

The car comes to a total of Rs.14,250,000/-. My budget for the car was at 1.5 max, and there were no other solution for me. So I left the showroom and on my way to home, I saw the Micro Showroom located in the same area. So I thought of dropping by.

To tell you the truth, the Micro showroom has changed my perception on car. I told the Micro sales person that I want to check cars within the budget of 1.5. So he showed me the New Micro Panda (Geely LC 1.3) car. The car is really awesome --- nice design, enough space (knee space) between seats. It comes with full-options. (Including Power Mirrors). Basically once I buy that car, I don't have to do anything. Also the car has a full band tuner with CD, MP3 player that supports USB. When I inquired about the price, it left me with a smile. It was just Rs.13,950,000/-. I told the sales person that I want a test drive. The car is really stable. I drove in a speed 110 KMph and the breaks are working perfectly, not like ALTO. Micro Car comes with VOLVO technology 1300CC Engine. This car perfectly fits me.

For the latest info about fuel consumption please visit following blog entry;


  1. How is the fuel consumption of micro panda?

  2. Without A/C: 14Kmpl
    With A/C: 13-12Kmpl

    1. Alto K-10 fuel consumption is really good over 20km/l..

  3. does this model come with auto transmission as well?

  4. No Prabath, Only manual transmission available. I got my car on last Thursday and Its a really good car. Awesome performance, Only thing is I'm not satisfied with Micro Customer Service.

  5. i also got that car........ powerful and balanced car...and stylish as well........

  6. No comments nadeeka, Its an awesome car. Anyway Congratulations....

  7. Actually now the prices are gone high, what is the actual price of this car by now?

  8. No, it's still the same price. Seems it is because the car is assembled here.

  9. Dear friends, I would like to get your honest opinions and comments about the Customer Service of Micro Cars, Sri Lanka.


  10. how about the spare parts availability

  11. Hi Nandana, I had a small accident with my car. Some women came and knock on my right front bumper. Front Bumper, Headlight and Fog Lamp is damaged. Waiting for to be repaired. They are just postponing my repair day by day. So far i feel that they don't have spare parts to replaced.

  12. I am planing to buy a Panda car. Anyway I too have a doubt about spare parts. Anybody has comments on parts please produce them.


  13. Hi Chathura,
    Pl upload some potos of ur damaged car.. we like to see...

  14. Nandana, This is a 2011 model and micro has started to sell this car around 3-4months back. But i think they still don't have spare parts in the stock. But filters and day-today stuff available.

  15. Chathura, The fuel consumption u mentioned as 14Km/L. Is it in the city or in the long drive?

  16. Hi Dasun,

    I brought my car one month back and the Micro sales representative told me that the panda's fuel consumption is 14-12km per liter. However, it has worked only 8km per liter. I have been meaning to do the first service, hoping to fulfill those kms. I will keep you posted after I am done with the first service. By the way, I have almost driven 1500kms.

    Keep in touch.

  17. well thanks. 8 km/l should be in city drive, I guess. Any way glad to sharing ur experience. Lets see how it wud be after the service


  18. Is Geely panda GT available here? The entry-level GS features power-assisted steering and windows, air-conditioning, central locking, an auxiliary-input enabled radio and brakes boosted by ABS and EBD. Next up, the GL adds MP3/USB/CD functionality to its sound-system, dual front airbags for safety and has alloy rims for enhanced style.

    The range-topping GT adds a park-distance control warning buzzer and side/curtain airbags in additional to the GL’s specification. is this true ?

  19. Lasantha, According to the Micro Sales person they have brought 2 versions of pandas here and only different is Air-Bags. All other options available in the basic version. May be they have customized it.

  20. Dasun, I got the confirmation from Micro technical staff that this car is working 8Kmpl in city limits. But long distance 10-12Kmpl.

    Please share your comments;

  21. Hello Chathura! Only 8KMs per Litre.. Panda must be joking! my heavy european sedan with autogears which is 11 yeas old does that! I love the panda look and was going to have a look at the showroom but 8! that will not be worth it! I have heard the issue with the spares as well but in the long run that should not be a issue perhaps they have very little demand for spraes right now cause all cars are new (and new cars are taken well care of usually :P)

    Where in colombo you manged to touch 110KM per hour and during day time! I cant even do that during middle of the night when all the roads are deserted!

  22. I also ordered Silver color panda car last 2 weeks ago. Will update this post once I received it.

  23. Hello Mr.Srinath (Micro Dreams),

    Yes, unfortunately only 8KMPL. I still couldn't drive outstation but once I'd be able to do so, I'll blog about the outstation fuel consumption. Also, I did manage to drive the Panda (Test Drive) at speed 110KMPH on the Parliament Road. It was a Sunday and fortunately, as you have mentioned, it was deserted.

  24. Hi Dinusha, when did the micro said they will diliver the car? I ordered mine on April, 29th April to be exact, still I didn't receive the car. The funny thing is Micro people also don't know when they will give me the car, first they told me it was before wesake and still I haven't got it.

    Their customer service sucks big time. I can't even reach the person who I talked with 99% of the time.

    Wish they clean up their service a little bit and try to cater for the demand they have.

  25. Hi Dush,

    I was in the same situation. I paid them on the 16th of March and I got my car on the 26th of April. To get my car, I had to speak to their top management as well. I spoke almost to everyone, from the top to the bottom management just to get the car; they are all liars.

    Sales people come up with stories like they will deliver the car by 2 weeks or less. I believe that the only thing they wanted was to close a deal and get the advance payment to cover their targets.

    There's this instance when the sales person attending my query called me and said, "Sir, what is the status of your lease? A customer had withdrawn the payment because of issues with her lease. If you can get the letter from the Leasing Company, I can give you the car within 2days."

    So I did my best to get the letter as soon as I could. I handed over the letter the moment I got it but he told me that the car he mentioned before is given to some other customer who did the payment by cash in full. It seems GM is orders so. What to do? So I said okay.

    I paid Rs.16800/- for the number plates and an extra Rs.7500/- for the special number (now number plate charges are different) on 6th of April and I got my registration done on the 7th of May. However, later on, they told me that for the special number, it will take another few days. So I told them to take the normal number instead and refund my Rs.7500/-. Trust me when I say this that to get the refund, I had to speak to them more than 50 times. I got my refund by forcing them to hand it over while visit the Borella showroom. I told them that I won’t leave the showroom until I get my money. On 29th of May I got my refund.

    Bottom line is, all the people who are working for Micro and even their top management are just making stories and excuses.

  26. hi Chathura,

    The store with me also more or less the same. The sales person was telling me to get the letter from the leasing company, but for me the leasing company refused to issue the letter without engine and chase numbers. But the micro couldn't confirm the numbers assigned to me. then only they told me the shipment of the spare parts not yet been arrived so they can't give me fixed numbers. The leasing company advised me to wait till the numbers are confirm otherwise I ll be end with paying leasing till the car is delivered.

    I didn't like the way LOLC customer service was too even though they have a special promotion for Panda. The thing is I am Freelance software engineer and I do outsourced projects. LOLC made a feel like I am not worthy to have a vehicle because I am not a person having a monthly salary.

    Luckily I didn't ask for a special number.

    Wish they brush up their act and the services, because it is a Sri Lankan company.

    I found this Facebook site

  27. Hi Chathura... How is the interior finishing of the car..? what are the materials they have used for dashboard.. (hope it's not plastic).
    Also I saw a video on YouTube showing that car contains Full surround air bag system even for the passengers at the back... Is it true as per the Micro..?

  28. Hi Lucky,

    Sorry to disappoint you. It’s made of carbon-fiber and plastic. Honestly, the interior is really good. The only disadvantage is, because of the colour of the seat (cream), the dirt accumulated through natural wear look more obvious. I am unable to comment on air-bags because I bought the car without air-bag feature. I'll try to find information about it and post it soon. Thank you!

  29. hi! i got my car delivered today...and i think its value for money... i just cant believe as it only cost me 1,395.000/ and its a 1300CC engine....and i paid the advance on the 21st of May....and my car was delivered today.. i got all my documents required for the LOLC at the same time. i guess everything was all right as you cannot by a brand new vehicle within two weeks. i checked every where.. and their is more longer waiting list..i got the best buy in the market!!!!

  30. Hi Sunil,

    Thank you for sharing your idea. We would like to get your future comments regarding performance, fuel consumption, service details.

    Thank you!

  31. ya sorry i will update the fuel consumption soon as possible..

  32. Hi Chathura

    Thanks for the reply. Someone from my office has got a Panda and according to him (as he was told i suppose) the car will do 10-12 KMs after the initial run of x no. of KMs, after the engine gets seasoned. Anyway for any brand new car you are not suppose to speed till the engine is settled so perhaps there is some truth in it. If the interior is plastic i wonder why it should be good. Plastic will break away to the heat (specially in a country like ours so i doubt about the durability). Also I am very surprised to hear about the bad service at the Showroom - strange. Lets Hope the negative vibes going around against will make the management open their eyes.

    Thanks very much for running this blog for this subject. - Srinath

  33. Hello Srinath,

    I still couldn't find anyone that has completed all 3 services. I think we have to wait and see.

    This morning on my way to office, one gentleman has stopped his bike beside my car and asked me about fuel consumption. As usual, I did my presentation :-D.

    Then he came up with the topic on customer service. It seems everybody has had (Except Mr. Sunil) a bad experience with Micro Cars’ service. I got few calls from Panda users saying that the staff of Micro Cars is now talking about my blog and monitors the comments daily. I just wanted them to know I'm doing this blog not to do any harm to their business or damage the brand name.

    My one and only objective is to make them understand how many customers are excepting good customer service. This blog helps all customers put their honest ideas without any hesitations.

  34. Hi Chathu... I like to buy a car next week. It Will be Panda Or K10. One of my friends telled his panda car working 14km liter. Is it truth? What is Your comment?

  35. Hi, I also agree with Chathura about not harming the bussiness, but I think all of expect to see Micro Cars improve thier services and be the best Sri Lankan car company. It will also help to boost the countries ecomnomy.

  36. Hi Sujeewa,

    So far my car has worked only 8KMPL. But I couldn't do a long run yet. To retest I did pump full tank 2days back and waiting for achieve 100km to re-pump. I'll post my latest soon.

  37. Dear Chathura,

    Thanks for doing a great job ! I am having a Starlet GT Turbo car which is 1330CC which does 12-14Km/L even in City limits. And I was looking for this PANDA and interested on it. But reading the comments on the blog, now a bit hesitated of going for it due to bad customer service and the lack of spares available.

    Could you please mention, in the specification it says Panda has Volvo Engine with 4 cylinders? If that is so, how come it does just 8kM/L..?
    I saw a new Chervolet cars price ranged frm 1- 1.6M does 18km/L. And AMW released A-Star which is bit similar to Toyota Vitz.

    Do you have any idea of these matters and comparison out of those new releases with Panda?

    Thanks again buddy.. you are doing a great job.. Hats Off !!


  38. Hello Chathura Ekanayake,

    OMG! 8KMPL is terrible! Some of the Geely Panda international forums claim 48 mpg (miles/gallon) - 37.3 mpg. May be they have used high octane fuel.

    Which fuel you have used for your car? Is it Octane 95?

    Do you know their recommendation for the panda's engine?

    - Mahesh

  39. Hi All,
    Thank you all for sharing information in this blog,I am planning to go for a Panda .So only LOLC leasing available for panda ?any other ,LOCL Charges too high ? Let me know.I am Going wild With Bandy buddy ,
    Chandana Munasinghe

  40. Hi friends,
    Thanks for all ur comments and those are very helpful for the people who willing to buy a new car.
    Today when i was on the way, i saw a panda car. Its outlook is very cool and competitive with other cars in the same range.

    I hope to get more details from micro on tomorrow.
    Also, i'm working for Peoples leasing and we also financing for any vehicle in SL market. For this panda car, we can give 75% from the value with the competitive rate. If any one need a help, contact me on 0722308280 or 0771553866

  41. Please accept my late reply.
    I made an order for Micro Panda car last 26th May and same day I paid 18K (according to the new rates) for vehicle registration and number plate to Micro Borella branch.
    I informed to the sales person that I urgently need the car within one month as my lease also fully approved for 11 laks fro this. But sales person informed me that it will take around 2 months to deliver car (end of July) as the stock is not available and from next shipment they will assemble it and deliver. By looking at the above comments I’m also doubt that they will not deliver on time :(
    Also if someone looking for leasing option, I’m recommending Sampath Leasing (Paliyagoda branch) as they approved my one within 2 days and QoS also highly commendable.
    I still unable comment on the customer service of the Micro, but if I didn’t get the car on time I will start my WAR :)

  42. Hi Guys,

    Sorry for the late reply,

    Nomesh, Sure I'll do the comparison in the future.

    Mahesh, I'm using 95oct. as per instruction given by micro staff. But lately i decided to pump 90. Because, few panda owners told me that their vehicles are doing 12KMPL (with use of 90). But recommendation is more than 93oct.

    Fun for Heaven, I'm also recommending The Sampath Leasing, I did my leasing form Sampath Bank Kollupitiya branch without any issues. Unfortunately People Leasing not providing Full Lease facility. LOLC is just making stories like Micro. Anyway you have to have proper documentations. The benefit of having a lease from a bank is rates are less and hassle free.

    Thank you!

  43. Also one thing I would like to emphasis here is, even though Geely acquired Volvo, it’s hardly expected that all the features/functionalities which in Volvo car could come from Geely branded Panda car. Then again it’s not from Geely itself; it is assembled Geely parts in the Micro plants. So vehicle condition can be changed as how they are implementing it.
    otherwise we should be able to see a Jaguar like TATA car and Renault like Mahindra car sine Jaguar acquired by TATA and Renault also part of Mahindra if I’m not mistaken.
    One good advantage we will have is by dealing with deferent type of car makers one day Micro will come up with their own design and own technology as above Indian automakers succeeded.
    Regarding the fuel consumption (10-12 Km/L), which is expected from 1.3, DOHC 16V engine.
    To get more idea Please go to


  44. If you are a owner of a panda car, Please let us know about pandas' fuel consumption and would you able to recommend another one to buy it ?

  45. Finally got my Panda y'day. :D But can't go too far, b'coz still the registration is pending.

    I did my leasing with Senkadagal Finance. They processed my lease within a day. I also didn't like the service given by the LOLC.

    Hope to check the consumption and let you guys know.

  46. Since maruti is saying its' k10 is doing 20.2kmpl and if panda is doing 8, what could you recommend ? :) waiting for your comments on experience......

  47. Guys please read this article abt the car. this is a great post to get a good idea abt Panda.

  48. I also can provide lot of articles like above. we need real customer reviews. on fuel it has stated the manufacture figures, but we need what happened on roads as chathura is saying it works only 8kmpl. I also wanna go for this excellent design but hesitate on fuel consumption. What would happened after 2 years ? :)


  50. fuel consumption............?????????

  51. I have got a panda car and already run more than 2800km.
    Chathura, you are correct, it works only 6-8kmpl. I hesitate on fuel consumption. What can we do for it. If you find any solution please let me know.

  52. HI ,

    I have panda black one and still it runs 500 Km. For long distance it runes more than 12 Km per Liter with Ac (drive 40 -60 km per hour). But in city it shows near to 10 Km per Liter.

    I think after 3 services we can reach to 15 Km per liter. Let’s wait and see sometime.
    They are giving excellent service to me at thorana handiya. But I don’t know about the spare parts.
    Last I have to tell car is perfect but I don’t like to micro selling boys.

  53. It seems like ppls are getting different consumptions. Can't it be a technical issue?
    Don you already done 2800Km how about long distance consumptions?

    Thanuja, u said u got excellent service from Thorana junction (Micro new service center, which service u got? u just reached 500Km?
    And what are the services they offering to u there?


  54. hmmm... i hope to by a panda car. I have used Suzuki Swift 1.3 jeep model car. fuel consumption was 17kmpl. i think this is a brand new car. so it should be seasoned, then it'l be work 16kmpl.

    @ don... you can fix a nano fuel system. i have used it to my old's good.

  55. Dear Lashan,

    where is the place to fix a nano fuel system ? I heard there was a place in thummulla junction. Can you tell us where did you fix it?

  56. Hi Thanuja,

    What Octane are you use? 90 or 95?


  58. Hi guys.. I hope to buy a Panda soon. I'm working in the navy. As per my leave systen I'll be able to use that only 10 days per 1 1/2 months. Will it worth for me. Please comment. Thank you. I'm Sanjeewa.

  59. Hi Sanjeewa,

    I hope this will be really worth for you! :-)

  60. Hi,

    I found this thread while searching for some other information, but I would like to add a comment.

    I earlier had a Maruti Alto (2008 model), and I wanted to go for a new car. Panda was one model i looked at. Even though I didn't go for a test drive, i really liked the features and options. But the thing that I didn't like was the ground clearance. It was 12cm, and when loaded it was supposed to come to 9cm. This was not good enough for me and I bought a K10 after selling my Alto Lxi. This has 16cm ground clearance - the same as previous Alto Lxi.

    Regarding fuel consumption of K10, i measured it twice accurately by measuring the amount of fuel pump and number of kms done. It came to 11km per litre and 11.5km per litre only in colombo running. Also i have done only 650km, and yet to do the first service at 1000km. SO at the moment I am fully satisfied with K10 - even though it has less features than Panda.

  61. Hi Guys,

    I totally agree with TK's comment. Panda's ground clearance is really less. As well as Fuel consumption. If I'm correct, Panda's technology is totally different from the Alto K10. If someone wants to think about Comfortability, Engine Power and other latest technologies I'm sure they will go with Panda. If you thinking about fuel, my recommendation is to go with Muruti, Alto or K10.

  62. Even though Geely is the parent company owning it I found this car much popular in Taiwan. As Micro (SL) company does Taiwanese automaker Tobe company selling this same model called M’car. But with different variant like electric and gasoline automatic. Checkout this

    As per my understanding M’car from Tobe and Panda from Micro is a badge-engineered product. Simply Badge engineering means one more company (especially automobiles related) sells one product with different names (replace branding trademark). This because due to the high cost of designing and engineering a totally new model, or establishing a new brand (which may take many years to gain popular)
    As examples well known Maruti sells Suzuki’s Alto (new model) rebranded name as A-Star in India and SL also Toyota IST from Japan rebranded by US automaker Scion as Scion xA. Tata Indica/Indigo sells in UK by MG Rover as “Rover CityRover”. Likewise you can find lots of similar by doing Google.

    Also there some pros and cons to be considered when buying a badge-engineered product*
    Back to the Panda, Geely china sells their own LC 1.3 its home market as Geely Panda (confuse ya?) Checkout this

    I can also remember that Micro (SL) 1st introduced Panda car as Micro Trend (new model). They launched some advertisements also about New Micro Trend. But within few weeks they rename it as Micro Panda.
    I’m posting this information those who are interesting to know about how it has come thru this way. When buying a car (in SL) most are to have considered about the budget and the fuel consumption and more or less about comfortablity (full option).

    So I’m also waiting until they release my Micro Panda car (M’ Panda Car) :D:D:D:D:D

  63. Hello Dinusha Rathnamalala,

    Thank you for sharing this valuable info. Please let us know your car performance once you received it.

    Nice to have you on the blog.

  64. Dear Chathura.
    Please send me your vehicle registration number.By the time confirm me wether you have done you first service.
    Manager. Maicro cars Ltd. Matara Branch.

  65. Dear Ranil,

    First off all I would like to thank you for join our blog as a Micro official representative.

    Ranil, I did my serve @ 1792KM. My current meter is 4000KMs. Please provide me with your mail to send my vehicle number. My mail address is

  66. what would you think about second hand market after 2,3 years? Any guesses? Any one have any info about second hand market of other Chinese vehicles like Cherry QQ, Micro Trand?

  67. SOME MICRO PANDA NOT INCLUDED AIR BALLOON, This function only our request or not

  68. Hello Business Home! See, the thing is who thought that Maruti will get a good second hand market. Few years back people are scared to buy Maruti because of second hand market. But its all depends on the budget. My point is why we buy the Panda? I brought it because I had only 1.4m. So most of the middle class people think about what you pay and what you get. With this trend i hope will get a good market.

    Nelum, my car doesn't have air-bags. if you want to buy air-bag version you have to pay extra. Thats the rule.

  69. Dear Mr. Ranil / any one who knows,

    Micro has published in news paper that new panda is receiving 3 year warranty. what about the already bought cars?

  70. Dear Chatura,

    I also face this situation. my panda car also work 7.5km per liter. Micro guys are tall lies every times. I was complain to company several times. But they haven't involved this matter. After the second month Corrosion was stared in my car body.


  71. Regarding the second hand market value of Maruti cars. I was able to sell my previous car Maruti Alto 2008 model very easily. I had used it for 2 years and 10 months and done 30,000km. I advertised on a Sunday paper, and guy came and gave advance on Friday night and took the car Saturday morning - price 12.25 (the price of brand new car was 13.75). I think i could've given it for a bit higher, but that price too was more than i expected. So the re-sale value is there now. But I am not sure about Micro cars.

  72. Krishan,

    Most of Panda users are telling me the same. Its less than what they said. Also less than 8KMPL. This Micro Company has to do something other than lie on their own customers.

    I'm proud to buy a car from a Sri Lankan Company. But if this continues, company will collapse pretty soon.

  73. Brother, Go for ELITE VIVA (Perodua) manula which costs u only 1495000/=. U can not expect such a wonderfull cat at that price.Even the fuell consumption is extremly good. Even I have purchased one and wait for the release. Issueswise it takes nearly 3 month from the date of reseravation. Earlier even I used Maruti 800 cc for nearly years. I can't say anything wrong with that car. I really love that car and it really helped me a lot, But I am really dissappointed with the poor customer service that AMW offer-infront of Borella cemetry. I have a very bad exp. about them. I went to release an ALTO for my friend 5 months ago. They dont even care about Maruti and Alto customer. Only worries abt high luxary cars like Astar. U know what happened. They relased the vehicle without the horne and the main left lamp. And they fixed the issue in a much more funny manner. They introduced one lad as a "TECHINICAL OFFICER" but he didnt know anything techincal things. He removed a lamp and horne from one car(they have been kept ready for the release.) and plugged to my friend's car. So I strongly recommend to go for ELITE VIVA ...There is a onederful person called Shehan ( Asssistant Manager- Unimo PVT Ltd.-Subsidiary of United Motors. -showroom is situated near to Gangarama-col=02). U can call him and get some idea.only issue with elite is the hight and the scurting which may cause problems when driving on off-road with uneven surface. )..but there so many advantageous reasons for choosing ELITE VIVA than let me know if u have any issues to

  74. Chathura,

    Change your blog as Sri Lanka Cars Blog. Lot of informative ideas can be seen here.


  75. Hey Guys... I also got a panda in last week with a long delay...
    If some one need to buy a panda, LOLC is good. Because they are offering a special package. Bcoz they are the leasing partner of Micro.
    You can buy 13,95000/= panda for 1375000/=
    they are quick. With this 20000/= we can cover the document charges... No delays. After come the engine & chassie numbers we can prepare for the lease. There enough time to get the lease before the car comes.

    Panda Is great guys.. And also thnks for the this bloger....
    Have fun with Panda...

  76. Chathura Suraweera,

    Bro, I’m new to this leasing field lol. so can please brief how ur steps of the process went with LOLC. I also plan to do same but dnt knw where to start. lol. What are the documents they ask?

  77. sory for the delay Chatura, I'm using 90 And my panda doing neer to 10 km per 1 leter in town.

  78. Jeewa, its simple.
    You should give your salary details that providing by your working place, NIC, a phone or light bill. Thats all.
    And if you hope to go for full lease you should find a refer with his income details.
    And the easy way is call your near micro show room and get the LOLC agent's details. They have special one.
    Contact him. He'll help you.
    Ask every thing from him.
    Don't be shy.
    If you have any problem call the LOLC agent and ask @ any time.

  79. In my previous post I specifically ask about second hand market of Chinese cars (Not Indians). I went to micro show room again to see the Panda car and found few more issues of that car.
    1. It has very low ground clearance as some one mensioned (120 mm). it is not acceptable specially for country like Sri Lanka.

    2. Back Door is totally made up from glass. Even Micro showrooms boys are so scared about that didn't allow me to close the door by myself.

    3. Bottom joints/Chassis is in very poor quality. You must check that. That's why it is getting corrode quickly as Krish mentioned.

    I also decided to go for second hand Japanese car due to these reasons. My idea is don't go for Chinese car if you expect second hand market and durability.

  80. Hey Chathura,

    Do you think Micro is Sri Lankan company? You are totally wrong. Micro is just a.brand name.They directly import cars from different countries and sell here (Panda - they import directly from China and sell here. Only thing they do is just putting micro sticker). By promoting them self as a Sri Lankan car making company they resist to pay import tax to government (basically to us)with big political support.

    Just to be heads up.

  81. Hi All,

    If you have a feeling like buying a Sri Lankan car forget about it. If you buy a Indian car at least they pay import tax government (Beneficial for Sri Lankan). Micro is not. Without paying tax to government they give money to political leaders and get the "Ape De Label". I don't want to mentioned names specifically you should be able to find who are there in micro director board.

    Don't have a meaningless proud while buying a Chinese car. This is Sri Lanka what you see is not the reality most of the time.

    I would say Indian goods are better than Chinese. No exception for cars. You might know what has happened to Chinese motorcycle. Who is going to buy a Chinese bike now?

    Worse thing is today micro will import this car panda and if they found even cheaper car from some where else they will import that one by forgetting about this. Thin about what will happen to poor panda customers.

    Just me two cents.

  82. Hi Business Home,

    You are correct. Micro is doing only import vehicle part and assembled. Stick the name Micro. This is done in other countries also. It is not sri lankan. thats true.

    Chinese bikes were worst. But do you think HP,Dell and lot of brands are made in china, and it is said that geely is owned by volovo. I don't think volvo technology is there.

    But if you want to import a Geely LC 1.3 Panda car from China it would cost over 2M. Then this is fine. But when consider the fuel, Indian cars are better.

  83. Micro Panda The Safest Compact Car With 3 Years or 100,000KM WARRANTY

    * 1300CC
    * ABS/EBD
    * Power Steering
    * Power Windows
    * Front Dual Air Bags
    * Power Mirrors
    * 14” Alloy Wheels
    * Remote Central Door Locking
    * CD/MP3 Player
    * Side Impact Protection Beams for * all doors

  84. Dr Chathura Ekanayake

    pls tell me are you satisfy or not with your panda. I am planning to buy a car. Alto K 10 or panda. what is your recommend?

  85. I purchased the Micro panda car about 4 months ago and since then the car has visited the micro workshop several times in kandy colombo ect. due to various defects .and sad to say that the costumer service is really bad.i have undergone horrible experiences with micro company.

    Noel Beddewela.

  86. I'm totally believer of being a Sri Lankan and buy Sri Lankan products. But, Micro Panda is a Chinese product. It is same as Cherry QQ. Cherry QQ is also a full option car with all the features. But let me tell you all one thing. One of my friend bought a Cherry QQ way back in 2007. It was the same time i bought a Maruti 800 AC which is a horrible car but that was what i could afford. My friend bought the Cherry QQ for something around 13 or 14 lacks. I bought my Maruti 965,000/= After 3 years i sold my car more than the price i bought which is 1,075,000. And my milage was 28,000+. My friend also sold hist Cherry after a huge struggle for 900,000/=. His milage was 26,000+ and it was very very well maintained with the Company. So, think of the difference in prices. That Chinese car has degraded from 4 lacks during that period even how well he used it. I'm afraid the same thing will happen to Micro Panda as the time goes. Still early days but you can expect that because this is Sri Lanka and it is a Chinese car. I don't think anyone of you buying a car to keep for your entire life. So we have to think of the second hand value also. So, because of these reasons and since I'm satisfied with teh features given in K10, i went to a K10. I used my Maruti 800 for 3 years and i got only a one repair. So far i dont have any issues with the K10 also. I believe K10 is a better option than a Panda BUT all depends on your interests and needs. This is just an Idea, better to take your decision by your selves.

  87. I was also considering PANDA as my 1st choice, but looking @ d fuel consumption & specially d ground clearance specially when a second thought.
    BTW can any1 tell wht is d fuel consumption of VIVA ELITE & the ground clearance?

    Thanks 4 keeping diz blog Chathura,,

  88. Finally I have given advanced payment for a Mazda BJ3P 2001 new shell car. Next Wednesday I'm going to own that. It was 16/75. Perfect interior. I like it. May be you all can consider this as well since this is just 1 lacks more than Alto K10.

  89. Hey Guys,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I'll start with Thanuja. Thank you very much for the valuable information you shared. I can confirm your post because, I have started to pump 90oct and amazingly my car did 10KMPL.

    Business Home. Dude, I agree 100% with you. I know Micro company very well. Basically, the staff is pretty like the government sector. They don't know how to build cars but for sure they know how to import and brand cars. :-) Also Mazda BJ3P 2001 is a good decision. Good luck buddy.

    Kalinga. First of all, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for your tying up with my blog. Again I just want to thank you for sending valuable images and would like to inform you that I’ll be publishing those today itself.

    Vajira Abeywickrama. Dude, I recommend you to buy a second hand Japanese vehicle. Basically, I’m also having some issue with my car. (Eg. Fuel Consumption, Rack, Vibrations from Dashboard, Rear door alignment, etc.) My idea is all these problems can be addressed but so far micro company couldn’t do anything other than just provide temporary solutions. If they can address those issues with permanent solutions, I’ll recommend Micro Panda (aka Geely LC 1.3) to you.

    Noel Beddewela, Thank you for the information you shared. I think this Company couldn’t understand “Customer is the Key” in a business organization. Please contact me, we are working on something.

    Mandri. VIVA Elite ground clearance is 145 mm. I’ll publish comparisons between Geely Panda and Perodua Viva Elite very soon. I’m bit stuck with work. Sorry for the delay.

  90. I agree with what නිල් අහස | nil ahasa has said. These days Maruti cars are in much demand, so there's no difficulty in selling. I was able to sell my Alto Lxi 2008 model (done 30,000km very easily).

    Now I have K10, and before buying that I had look at Panda too, and the main reason I didn't like the Panda was the very less ground clearance - 12cm. In coparison the K10 has 16cm.

    I didn't know about the low fuel efficiency of the Panda at that time either. I got to know about that through this blog. Regarding the K10, i initially did about 11.5km per litre, then it went upto 12.3, and last weekend when i measure it was 13.1 km/l :)

    Also according to vehicle registration statistics: "Maruti/Suzuki sold 1,373 cars in July 2011, and on average sold more than 1,100 units each month according to new vehicle registrations.

    The best selling model was the 'Alto' which sold around 600 to 850 units a month. In July 858 units were registered. "

    Of course, if European or Japanese level of comfort or workmanship is really important for you, then these Indian cars will not fully suit you. So it depends from person to person.

  91. Great 'n great ideas... I owned a panda too before two months ago...
    Chathura, when I change the gear 1st to 2nd the enegine RPM is dis-creasing very slowly.. Is this normal???
    What about your car...
    I also got other problem as you. ( Fuel Consumption, Rack, Vibrations from Dashboard, Rear door alignment, etc.)
    I like to say, yes this is a chines car. But this is brand new. We can't be sure 100% about 2n hand vehicale....
    Thats depend on our lucky...
    Let's see about panda more....

  92. This is a Facebook group that you can share your thoughts and feelings about panda

    Geely LC 1.3 ( Panda) Users in Sri Lanka

    Cheers . .

  93. Harshana - Can some one please comment about the ground clearance of this car. Also can you put about 5 ppl... with a average weight ?

  94. hi..i'm new on this company gave me 27,000 per month.what is the best car that i can buy for this budget........plz help

  95. Hello Harshana,

    If we talk about ground clearance, Its 12CM. Its kind of less. If you going to com-pair with ALTO, Its really less. 5ppl can be fitting to the car. But you have to be careful while driving trough humps. Possibility of hitting is 90%. I'm driving with ma wife and so far no issues. Only thing you have to get used to the height. Most of new cards are comes as low clearance.

    Nuwan, I unable to recommend something. But I'll try to give you some idea.

    Geely Panda: Secondhand Market: N/A, Facilities: 5 Star, Customer Service: 3 Stars, Car Performance: 4 Star, Durability: 3 Star

    ALTO K10: Secondhand Market: High, Facilities: 2 Star, Customer Service: 3 Stars, Car Performance: 3 Star, Durability: 4 Star

    VIVA Elite: Secondhand Market: N/A, Facilities: 4 Star, Customer Service: 3 Stars, Car Performance: 3 Star, Durability: 3 Star

  96. Dear chathura
    last day i visited micro office ,i told about ur blog, they told me they don't know who you are ? they also try find you.micro car says you are competitor computer that true ?


  98. People buy Chinese car not for quality, not for brand, just for cheap price.

    I am reading this blog everyday. As my first question on this blog "What is fuel consumption?" Still i am worry about this factor.

    Future cars are Hybrid or more technical product than it.I'm 99% confidence there will not be better second hand market for Panda.

    As a middle class people like us, do not need to bear unnecessary risk. I have changed my mind from panda because there are more disadvantage than advantage.
    Fuel consumption
    product reliability
    Secondhand market
    Customer care service
    Automatic transmission :)

    I am now looking toyota vitz , suzuki Swift. March beetle, Peugeot 206 etc. running maintains cost is may more than brand new car.(Atleast i have to repare rack end & rods, CV joint, Bushes isn't it good idea??

    By there product quality Maruti has build good brand image. but i dont like maruty hatch :)

    Pls guy. post your comment regarding Micro panda

  99. LOLC is giving worst facility in sri lanka.


  101. dear Chathura,

    you have told fuel consumption of Micro panda car is 7-8kmpl but in this blog you have told it is 14kmpl.
    what is the correct one?
    if it work 14 what a shame? micro pand is brand new car isn't it????

  102. Hi guys,

    Sorry for the delay of reply. I was bit busy with my office work. I'll start from last comment.

    Designtha: If you go trough from the beginning you may find that First entry saying 14KMPL. Its said by the sales person. But with the time i have put several entries saying that 7-8KMPL with 95OCT. Sorry for the delay; I just did a update on saying my current consumption 11KMPL with 90OCT. I kindly request all to publish their consumption on above URL;

    Senarath: Pnada price is 1,395,000/-

    Indika: I agreed 100%. LOLC is giving worse service like micro. They have rejected my loan as well. (Due to unacceptable reasons) So i went with Sampath Bank Leasing and percentages are really low. No Balloon payments and your loan will be handle by the bank manager. not some uneducated idiots. I'm 100% satisfied with bank service.

    Bandula: I'm not a Computer Hacker and it doesn't mean anything for The Micro Company. I'm just a regular customer who is speaking truth. Most of the blog users know me because they called me on my mobile. We did discussed issues and ect. So its upto you to decide the content of the blog.


    My car is doing 11KMPL in city limits with 90 OCT. Did able to run long distance and did between 12-13KMPL.

    Got small vibrations on the dashboard.

    Micro people have promised me with a replacement for the rack on next service (10,000KM). Other than that, I'm satisfied with the car.

  103. To All
    Since i bought my car from you, I have taken it to colombo twice and many times to kandy for repairing the faults. How much your repaier or installed new parts, the faults same.The remaining problems are, as follows,
    20-30 Km the car misses when ever go beyond
    When steer to left or right the abnormal sound,
    the A/C doesn`t cool enough Copay
    Hard to open the front left side door,
    water reducing in the radiator much more than normal,
    Corrosion in the car,
    The ABS cover on the right side has lifted up,
    The fuel consumption is the same
    the alarm sounds when seat belt is put on
    I got my car repaired so many times and it has been a failure. So if micro panda is in such demand ,i just want you to sell this for me as the car misses (This is the Second time after repair)
    I was so disappointed as when i spoke to Mr.Srilal regarding the faults,He reacted so violently.Still i was calm respecting him thinking that he was a gentleman .but he sound like a third class person who didn`t even know the meaning of politeness.
    Another unfair situation is that the guarantee period in my car is 50000 km or 2 years where as tha person who bought the panda along with me has 100000 km and 3 years.This is where I don`t understand, why i`ve been treated like this.
    I am sick and tired of listing to all yours lies so far, so what I am asking you finally is to please sell my car for me and give back my hard earning money. or if that is not possible, change my car to another with a good respected grantee.
    If i do not find a solution to this as soon as possible, i wound to take steps carry my complain to the Presidents secretary Mr. Lalith Weerathunnga, The medical council,And also to the costumer reliable authority.

    Thank you,

    1. Dear Beddewela,

      Please let us know the current situation of your car.

  104. One thing I forgot. believe me you feel your diving a CAR (Not like compact unknown with so many doubts in mind). If you get used to it you can speedup (up shift gears) like manual in Auto gears. There are some paddle tricks. Most auto car users knows how. Very comfort any driving pleasure.

    I'm sorry about you. My advice is sell that car. You can find a buyer for this. Why to take so many troubles in life wasting so much money. You will about to face lot more if you keep this.
    I Can feel you. Same thing happened to me. I leaned lesson from that regarding buying unknown brand new vehicles even from famous brands. (I bought Pulsar 135 LS new version from Bajaj for 178000. After having so many pains during second month I sold it for 155000) and bought Discovery 135 well known bike as second hand. So par I'm owning that no any single pain.

    Conclusion is since we don't want to take risk (Since we don't have enough money to play and waste - if you have ignore this) go for know vehicles recommended by users. That will save you.

  105. Hello Everybody,
    The fuel consumption seems to be a big issue! For this type of car, i am expecting a lot more than 8 KmpL ( Also more than 12 even). Because at present, i am driving a Nissan FB-15 ( With 1.6L engine + Auto transmission ) since 4 years, and it gives me 12 KmpL outstation & 8~10 KmpL in city limits!. Also i am driving a Nissan March AK-12 and it gives me more than 14 KmpL in outstations ( 1.3L engine + Auto transmission ). Becaue of all the above facts, i am expecting a much higher fuel consumption from a car like that.

  106. hey can u say about fuel compression????all are saying it work about 7 and 8 km per liotre..........y is that?

  107. Hi everyone! I'm an owner of an alto sports and wandering whether to move on to a Panda Cross. As u all know AMW vehicles are highly reliable, technically and otherwise. their after sales facilities are superb and very professional . That may be because they are a lost - established company. Anyway, how about the Panda car? Is it very reliable? More than the fuel consumption, what matters to me most is the technical reliability.

  108. what about the panda cross? does it comes with auto trans? what about the fuel?

  109. What is the volvo technology associated in panda car???? Is it in the ENGINE???? It is common DOHC,16 vlv and EFI one....

  110. i was also abt to buy a panda when im starting to read this blog. but just after i finished of reading this blog, i changed my mind. i said No to panda. i feel it is worth to buy a ELITE VIVA (Malaysia product) or ALTO (Indian). Thanx guys for saving me.

  111. Great Blog Chatura. Thanks. i too changed my mind after reading this. i went to the Showroom here in Kandy expecting a test drive, but they didn't allow. and they hesitated even to start the engine. its so disappointing to see the company is expecting us to order cars without even experiencing it.. i made a complaint to their head office but nothing has happen. I think the top management of Micro is responsible for their bad customer service.

  112. Hi......……
    I paid advance payment for mi ro panda without airbags version

  113. And… I like to know chathura's phone no. it wil be very useful for me after that panda come to my home.
    thanx chathura for the blog. I could able to get more info about panda before my payment through ur blog

  114. Hi Guys!
    Even i bought a Panda car recently 7 i have done nearly 1700Km's n i am pretty happy with d vehicle because i am getting around 11Km/l in town after the 1st service, so guys its all depend on your driving pattern.
    the most fascinating thing in panda is d driving pleasure,control & stability which u wont get on an ordinary indian car.

  115. friends can you all update the real info abt fuel consumption of your own pandas. want to get more statics abt this from different ppls.


  116. if it is not a car that built more than 15km per liter it is not design for a srilankan peoples.I always read this blog,hope so it will archive more than that after doing several service....will see.

  117. Thanks a lot for the blog, I was also thinking about the Panda but heard rumors about the bad customer service and other issues, now it seems a little more than rumours. Better go for a Viva elite I guess.

  118. How we can buy a japan alto in srilanka ???? and is it same price as indian one or is there a big difference ???



  121. I also looking for a panda cross car and visited micro shady grove avenue branch. I asked for a panda cross test drive and they said they cant give it for test drive and gave me panda car for it. I don't know how people can choose a car without even having a test drive. :D. Are they trying to sell cars by showing there physical appearance only? What a marketing strategy.. Any way, I would like to know more about panda fuel consumption. Hope all current panda users will publish their fuel consumption details.

    @ Chathura : Thanks for your great job.

  122. dear friends....... if you unsatisfied on micro panda you can sell your car. I have 2 buyers who wish to buy a used panda.
    please comment for this if you wish to sell your panda.

  123. Dear frends,
    What's the best car PANDA or ALTO K10.

    Let's see in fuel consumption wise.

    If your usage around 500km per month.
    > Panda fuel consumption - 10KMPL (assume)
    > K10 fuel consumption - 15KMPL (assume)
    > fuel consumption per month for K10 = 500/15 = 33.3 Liters
    > fuel consumption per month for Panda = 500/10 = 50 Liters
    > Difference = 50-33.3 = 16.7 Liters
    > Difference in rupees = 16.7 x 150RS = 2,505 RS
    (Assumed price of a petrol liter will increase to RS 150 within
    next 3 years.)

    So you have to pay 2505 RS more on pump petrol to Panda.

    but, You have to pay 100,000 RS more when you buy a K10 standard car.
    Panda comes with all features like powerful engine, PM, PS, P.shutters,
    more specious, better look, better handling, EBD. Cannot compare Panda
    features with K10 features.

    So, 100,000RS / (2505 RS per month) = 40 months

    so only after 3 years and 4 months you pay more for Panda (because you have
    to give 100,000 more for K10.)

    Am I correct dear Users.
    So go for a Panda is the better choice for me . I think second hand value of
    K10 will decrease after 2,3 years because now they have a better competition
    from Micro Panda,Viva Elite.

    Thxx, Dear friends, Give your comments to my post.

  124. @ Sam : ur 100% correct, even i thought d same thing when i was buying the Panda, at dat time panda was 13.95/= and Alto k10 was 16/= its more than 200,000 for a basic car.

    The interior quality of an Alto is so poor compared to panda,

    Dear friends, going for a car is to get more comfort, features and an elegant look...not only
    petrol consumption.

    if some one only bothered about fuel consumption
    even alto is not the right choice for him, he should go for a Three wheeler(bajaj)it does around 40KMPL.

    Hope Sri lankans wont think like indians.

  125. Now the price of the Panda car without air bags is 1.48 millions.
    price of the Manual Viva car is 1.53 millions.
    K10 - 16+

  126. I have planned to buy a geely panda White color one, but I don’t know how long that will take to deliver. If anyone has new one or recondition one… pls let me know. Thanks. Tel: 0777575414


  128. Oh that mean um very lucky......I paid an advance in last sept.
    the total value with Air bags is 14.85M...
    Oh Thankx god......!!!!
    but still it is pending....shld b wait untill January mid.

  129. Abhisheka,I also paid an advance in last November for Air bag version and that time it was also 14.85. But at that time I asked what if the price got increased before deliver the car, and they said that we have to pay the extra amount when we do the balance payment. So even though if we made the advance for the previous price we may have to pay the balance for the new price. Did you check with them? Please update if got any news about that.

  130. I phoned micro showroom and checked the price of the Air bad version and it’s 1570. And they said the customers who have advanced for the old pricing have to pay the balance as per the new pricings when the car is ready. And don’t have to pay the registration free. If the registration fee id 26,000 still we have to pay 59,000 additionally.

  131. hey guys...
    i'm going 2 buy a micro panda...
    what u guys think abut it???
    i need ur cmmnt abut the car...

  132. Micro Panda bad fuel consumption..10KMPL

  133. good one Micro Panda or ALTO K10 = wt a good car...........
    If your usage around 1pl= 10km or 14km ????

    this my quiescence
    k10 or panda, good one=.....?

  134. I paid an advance in last November 01
    the total value without Air bags is 13.95M...
    shld b wait untill March mid.

  135. hey guys did you get that news??
    we don't need to pay additional amount for orders before December 2011.
    i ordered Panda Air bag version on last september..
    so itz same price as i ordered.

  136. Hi Abhisheka

    when will you get the car? did they give a delivery date ?

  137. You cannot trust there delivery dates. all just bloody lie.

  138. After little reticence just wanted to update about fuel consumption (4200Km done), it’s about ~14 Km/L Guys it is gradually increasing. Don’t worry, your Panda also will score.

  139. Can someone tell me what is the best car to be bought out of these..
    * Panda
    * Alto K10 or LXi
    * Maruti 800
    * Nano
    * Viva Elite

    I mostly concern on fuel consumption. I have a Toyota Avanza (7seater) which does 10-11 km/l.

  140. hi guys i got my Panda car on last 3rd feb.

  141. Hi Abhisheka

    can you please tell me order date of the car ?

  142. sure Thilanka...
    I have told it before.
    On last September 2011.
    exactly 23rd of Spet 2011.i had to wait more than 4months :(

  143. Dear Abhisheka

    i ordered panda car last november 02nd, price with 13.95, last january i call to micro, they told me, "now price is increasing to 14.85 and you must pay additionally 59000.00 thousand and you will relies 25000.00 thousand of registration fee. "

    are y pay and addition amount more than 14.85 ?

  144. Of course dear Danushka.
    This is the problem which has occurred.
    From last year November Budget government has devalued the rupee that we should pay an additional payment for the every goods which are import from abroad.
    I think you have ordered ur Panda without air the price is 13.95,but in this case you should pay an additional amount as they told.
    The reason is the components of your car will be arrive to SL after this November budget even u ordered it before.
    Anyway I ordered my car on last Sept.So they told that I don't need to pay an additional amount.
    but after that stock they have decided to add an additional amount.
    that mean after September stock.
    So they have given u a release by free of charge registration @ do not need to pay 25,000 as your vehicle registration fee.

  145. Thanks Abhisheka,

    but your last post u wrote before "december 2011" as month. There is some wrong, because of i ordered November 2011,

    That's not important, i will pay 59000, thausand to micro.

  146. ok now actualy whats the pandas fuel consuption 8km 10km or 14km

    1. Depends Chinthaka, My car does 9-11KMPL. Some says 12KML, Most of users says less 8KMPL. With the millage it will do.

  147. any one know abt Perodua Myvi.price and options

  148. Have things changed now at Micro..? Have the delivery period now better, service better, if met with an accident do they have spares... anyone got any ideas? - Srinath

  149. please if you can send me all new updates about panda cross.

    1. Still they haven't started the distribution.

    2. then when will they start the production? whtz the reason 4 delay? i'm waiting 7 months yet.

  150. I ordered my panda cross on last december. they told that they will deliver it in mid of march. but when i called them (Manager Kurunegala branch, Chandana) in the begining of the march they told it will be on first week of april. but when i called them couple of weeks back, they told because of a component delay the delivery date could be in first week of may. I ordered it when it was 1.84M but he told now its 1.89M and i dont have to pay extra because i have ordered it early. They are bloody liers. still im not sure about the delivry date.

  151. Thanks a lot Mr. Chathura for your great job. I have been watching this blog from August 2011. At that time my idea was to buy a Panda no matter what the people say. It has the look I expected. I visited a Micro showroom, the first impression when I touched the door handle made me a bit unsatisfied. Then especially its ground clearence and the fuel efficiency made me stop buying this. I had no alternative but to go to the AMW although I didn't like indian vehicles. Yes, you are correct, the Alto K10 couldn't take my attention at all. But, when I saw the ZEN ESTILO, to tell u the truth, I was rally impressed. It has all the options I looked for. comfort, Outer look, Interior, ground clearence and superb fuel efficiency. Though it was some what beyond my budget, I couldn't make my mind out of it. So I went for it. Now I'm really relly satisfied with my car. Again thanks a lot Mr. Chathura. This blog lead me the correct way.

    1. Thank you very much for taking you valuable time to put comments on my blog. I'm really happy that you got the correct decision.

  152. I have a ALTO-K10 .. and driven about 25000Km now.. fuel consumption is over 20km/l... daily I drive about 70Km s...!
    lack of options is the main problem.. like Remote lock,Power mirrors,Rear Wiper,Air Bags...

  153. What is the latest price of Micro Panda car?

    1. Dear Manjula,

      Last week i spoke to micro borella branch to find out new price of panda. According to them still they haven't increase their prices. But very soon there will be a price increase around 200, 000/=.

  154. Dear All,
    If some one knows about KIA Picanto car, please let me know the details and your thoughts. Price, fuel consumption, spare parts availability etc...

  155. hi chathura,

    my bro is planning on going for a panda. whats your opinion with regards to durability , fuel consumption and performance upto date?
    inquired the prices. with airbags it is Rs.1,680,000 and without its 1,580,000.
    You've had the vehicle for about a year and i appreciate your comments?

    1. Hi Azeez,

      Okay, durability is cannot be compare Japaneses car. After my 1st years completion I'm experiencing vibrations from several places like Door Handles, Dash board, A/C Vent. So far i couldn't experience any body issues such as corrosion or fade paint. Thank to pure Sri Lankan people all my doors are been damage using coins.

      During awrudu period i travled to my home town KANDY. before start the journey i have pumped 32 Liters and did 456KMs for the tank. Avarage is 14KMPL. But colombo area it will be MAX 11KMPL, avarage is 9KMPL.

      If you may go trough my blog, u may find all the issues i have with my Panda car.

  156. i'm planning on going for a panda or maruti 800. whats your opinion?

    1. maruti 800 is banned in india. Dont buy it.

  157. i am impressed by seeing the car, i plan to buy a car may be before the end of this year. what's your opinion?

  158. hi all
    I have paid advance fee for the Panda Cross and does anyone know about anything regards this vehicle pleas let me know. Also i Have gone through with Chathura's blog and such a amazing work u done mate, really appricaite it. So, at least let us know Panda Cross vs Normal panda car.
    Thank you.

    1. The panda cross has the same engine and the same parts as the normal panda. The only difference is that it has a cross-over look, and looks like a small SUV. The cockpit looks like an SUV cockpit also, compared to the normal panda's cockpit. The ground clearance is higher, and it would run more smoothly on bad roads than the normal panda.And it uses 15" wheels, instead of the 14" wheels of the normal panda.

      The panda cross is actually 'the GEELY GX2'.In China, you get the option of a 1500 cc VVT engine also, instead of the normal 1300 cc engine they offer here.

    2. Hi
      Thank you for your information, and i would like to know is there any delay on delivering Panda Cross vehicle to the customers? The sales person told me that this will take maximum up to 4 month and according to this blog (which is the real customer complains) it seem that is false. There are customers who still waiting for their vehicle to be arrived since more than 5-6 months. So tell us the real truth about it and if it gets late then what are the possibilities that you suggest? ( I HOPE YOU ARE FROM MICRO COMPANY IF NOT IM SORRY YOU ARE NOT RELATE TO THIS QUESTION)

  159. I advanced panda cross last December 20th. But still i didn't get my car. Micro people always lying about the delivery date. Even they couldn't deliver atleast one panda cross in sri lanka yet. I don't know whats wrong. But they are hiding the actual situation.

    1. Hi Krishan

      OMG, in that case my one will come some where around Next year it seems they are playing with their Customers. Anyway did u call them and ask the reason for this? Pls let me know the details of it. And i would appreciate if some one who owned the panda cross can post details about the vehicle.


  160. according to my knowledge still no one have owned a panda cross in sri lanka yet. Yesterday i spoke with micro people and asked when will they deliver the car. They told mid in june and the people who advanced before me are getting the cars these days. This is insane. I'm planning to take my money and go for a japanese car. It is not worth to wait more than six months for a chinese car. I asked why is this delay, is it because of less capasity or what. But they they were telling they are having the production capacity but they got some shipment of components delay. But that thing they told already in march also.

    1. Please update if you have received your Panda Cross. Need to know your first hand experience on that, as its so hard to find someone who owns a Cross :)

  161. We ordered a Panda Cross in late 2011, and will be receiving it soon. They told me the same story about missing components in March. I saw the orange panda cross they have in the show room recently, and the interior looks a bit more degraded than it was last year. The sales people told me it was because that particular car had been moved around a lot to different show rooms and events; the interior polymers are easily damaged by abrasion - or so it seems.

    I do not regret buying the panda cross for these reasons.

    1) It was 1.75 million when I ordered it, and Micro did not increase the price, even though they sell it now for 1.98 million. Imagine if I went for a Japanese import, and get bum-humped by the new taxes. My anus shudders at that thought.

    2) China has different grades of imports for its electronics, tea, steel, vehicles, etc. So I wouldn't be worried about quality. My guess is that the panda import quality is medium, not high. For the people who complain about defects, here is the most likely reason. The Micro cars are put together by 'knock-down kits' given by Geely and SSang Yong. So if it isn't put together properly, you will have bugs. If one of the components do not work, it would be a manufacturing defect, and I suggest you complain, and if that doesn't work, sue them (I would).

    3) The Panda Cross wasn't my first choice, I preferred going for a brand new Toyota Axio, but considering the ridiculous taxes we need to pay for imported vehicles, I went for a Panda Cross over Viva Elite and Suzuki Alto, because technology-wise and aesthetic-wise (subjective), the panda is better than the other two.(I'm from an engineering background).

    Anyhow, let's see how the panda cross performs, then only can we judge it. If you want to be on the safe side, it is better to go for a reputed Japanese model, second-hand... groan.

    By the way, they have a new model called VOLEX (around 2.7 million), it is better than the panda, and the panda cross. It looks pretty nice also, if you can afford it, go for it.

    1. Have you got your Cross by now ? if so can you please comment on the user experience, specially the fuel consumption. I heard from another user, that it does not pick up that easily, may be because of the high body weight.

      Thanks !

  162. Here is a link about the Panda Cross. Read the last paragraph, it clearly states that the panda cross is good for its price segment, not that it is glorious, or super.

  163. just because you bought a micro car, why would you write so long blog? don't you have other works to do? you must be a salesman at Micro.

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  165. Hio Chathura.i guess its been a year since u bought ur car.can u just tell me how is the condition now?fuel consumption, body interior etc...coz im hoping to buy a new 1000cc panda.are u still recommending this car?
    thaks in advance

  166. Hiiii there anyone who use external "Fuel Additive" with micro PANDA 1300cc car???
    tell me about that please. I mentioned about Fuel additive like "Soltron"

    hey Chathura,what do u tell about this? Have u ever use this with your car?

    Thankx all.

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  168. My panda 1300cc now works 9 KMPL in Colombo. Now its mileage is 1800Km.

  169. hmmmmm Well Vajira....don't worry brother it will work 10Kmpl after 2000Km.
    Now i am using Soltron Fuel Additive with my Panda works 10-12kmpl @ Colombo & 14-15kmpl @ outstation.
    Thankx for your information.

  170. I ordered a black panda cross in MAY they say the vehicle will reach within three weeks..but i have planned to leave the country for few years and i am willing to transfer the vehicle to anybody who like this panda cross..

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  172. Hi Chathura,

    I am planning to buy panda 1000cc car.whts your opinion about the new version.